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For Kai

Gone too soon.

Kai can't believe you have gone. I thought I was doing the best for you. Your heart gave way. Mine is broken. I miss you so much. Who is going to protect me. Who is going to give me cheek. Who is going to go to the cupboard and fridge. Who is going to steal my seat. Who lets your mummy cut their nails. Kai does all these things. You are my little baby boy. Can't believe you have left me so soon. I love you so so so so much. Storm and Eva will be watching you now. I want you hear with me Kai. So heart broken. Love you baby boy. The house is quiet. I will miss ypu barking at the postman and jumping on the door. My heart is broken. Now you have your wings and you will be pain free. Mummy loves you and misses you so much. Sleep tight baby boy. xxxxxxx
Floating candle
Lit by:
Audrey Cameron
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