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For Rolo Our Beautiful Gentle Giant

Rolo Our Chocolate Labrador, who passed away on 22042012

My dear Rolo

We are all devastated now you have left us to go to heaven.

Your mum and dad, held your paws, when you decided that your time had come to leave us, to join your pussy cat buddies, Oliver, Willow and Senna.

Paul was waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge, so he could walk you along the bridge, with all our other pets that we have known and loved throughout our lives.

Rolo you were my best friend, I will always cherish the time I spent with you, the walks we used to go on and the time you listened to me, when I shared my sad times with you.

You will always live on in our hearts Rolo.

Lots of love always.
Granny Bell
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Granny Bell
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